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Food Vibes is a refreshingly terse catalogue of simple, home-style recipes. Many were inherited. Some, observed. Others, shared by someone only to be lost in time and translation. It always began with good intentions and genuine inspiration. What you will find here are the eventual, serendipitous discoveries born of poor memory, tidal laziness, limited resources and gastrally induced desperation paired with a palate tolerable of failure and relentless will to cook.

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West Coast + Island Style Cookbook

The book is a beautiful physical manifestation of the recipes shared here. A mashup of fresh flavors and casual culinary style native to west coast and island lifestyles. Everything contained has been crafted between California and Hawaiʻi over the last decade. Each recipe inspired by spontaneous happenings, ritual gatherings, casual dining, backyard barbecues, bonfires at the beach and campfires under the stars with friends, family and amicable strangers.

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The digital accoutrements created for the book and site have been designed and developed in the open with the aim to enable other creators to learn from, utilize and even expand upon. All recipes in their original plaintext form, the transcoder that encodes those recipes into a more sophisticated markup and the publisher that consumes that markup and generates this website are all freely available.

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